Unique generative NFT art based on chaos theory

We are convinced that code is poetry. With pendulum.art we merge art and science on the ERC-721 Token. The algorithm makes the double pendulum move in a different way and therefore provides a unique pattern every single time.

About us

We are a group of digital enthusiasts led by Clemens Mayer and are based in Vienna. Since we were fascinated by the effects of chaos theory, we searched for a special way of visualizing the beauty of randomness. Choose between our limited edition or create your customized artwork in real time.

Giving back

We are aware of the environmental aspects of NFTs. We want to take action and have committed to donate 20% of our sales to a good cause and support guterzweck.net. The platform provides news, tips and inspiration regarding sustainability and social topics.

Limited Edition

Check out the exclusive first release of our limited edition.

Pendulum #1
Vintage Love
Pendulum #2
Butterfly Effect
Pendulum #3
Pendulum #4
Pendulum #5
Devil’s Horn
Pendulum #6
Smiling Face
Pendulum #7
Pendulum #8
Dancing Couple
Pendulum #9
Pendulum #10
Devil’s Smile
Pendulum #11
Easter Egg
Pendulum #12
Pendulum #13
Smiling Heart
Pendulum #14
U Green?
Pendulum #15
Pendulum #16
Pendulum #17
Devil’s Heart
Pendulum #18
Pendulum #19
Pendulum #20